State Senator Eliot Bostar receives Nebraska Early Childhood Policy Champion award

by | Nov 21, 2023

Nebraska Early Childhood Policy Champion award

State Senator Eliot Bostar (District 29) is the inaugural recipient of the Nebraska Early Childhood Policy Champion Award at a presentation ceremony at the State Capitol. The award was founded this year by First Five Nebraska and will be presented annually to celebrate public officials who make significant contributions to policies that improve the lives of young children, families and communities throughout the state.

Senator Bostar received the 2023 award in recognition of his work on LB754, which was signed into law by Governor Pillen in June. The legislation, incorporating the Child Care Tax Credit Act and the School Readiness Tax Credit Act, was designed to help offset financial burdens on families with young children in care, incentivize private sector contributions to strengthen local child care options, help individual child care professionals to advance in their careers and encourage child care programs to offer high-quality services to children through the child care subsidy program. The availability of affordable, high-quality child care is widely acknowledged as a major challenge to Nebraska’s working parents, families, employers and communities.

The award was presented to Senator Bostar by Callie Wilhite, director of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Children’s Center and graduate of First Five Nebraska’s Early Childhood Policy Leadership Academy. She was joined by First Five Nebraska Director Jason Prokop and Suzanne Schneider, associate director of Lincoln Littles.

Senator Bostar used the opportunity to reflect on the importance of these issues to policymakers.

“Some of the most pressing challenges facing lawmakers in Nebraska connect directly to child care and other aspects of early childhood policy,” said Bostar. “That includes housing, workforce development, corrections, public health and more. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made on child care this year in the Legislature. It gives us momentum to build on for the work still ahead of us.”

Prokop said it is important to acknowledge the leadership of Senator Bostar and other legislators on early childhood policy. “It’s a good sign when lawmakers lead from the front on these issues,” said Prokop. “It sets an example for thinking and acting strategically to improve quality of life and prosperity in our state. That’s something worth celebrating.”

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