Employer Early Childhood Accelerator

Helping businesses build child care solutions for working parents

It’s not just working parents who pay the price of inadequate child care.  All areas of business and industry are feeling the impact on recruitment, retention and revenues. As a business leader in Nebraska, what can you do to help working families while being mindful of your bottom line?

Your employees’ child care challenges are already costing you

Nebraskans are known for working hard through the toughest challenges. But when working parents don’t have access to quality, affordable child care, it’s often business owners who pay the cost. Lack of child care means more frequent absenteeism, lower productivity and higher rates of turnover. Over time, that makes it difficult to attract and retain the skilled workforce your business needs to stay agile and profitable. But we can help.

The Employer Early Childhood Accelerator

First Five Nebraska’s staff consultants can work with you to assess the child care challenges facing your employees and explore potential solutions that are the right fit for your business and resources.

Our 3-step consulting service

3 step employer consulting service

Examples of employer-supported solutions

Employer supported child care solutions

Beyond the Bottom Line

Supporting child care solutions are a win for you and your workforce that go beyond staffing needs and revenue.

  • Brand impactInvestments in child care reflect strong organizational values and culture, increase awareness among employees and customers, and strengthen your brand’s position in the marketplace.
  • Leadership and successionRetaining top talent is key to developing your organization’s up-and-coming leaders. Investing in workers with young families keeps talent engaged and committed.
  • Community growth—Employers who strengthen local child care options help anchor resources in the community, grow the economy and build a more business-friendly environment across Nebraska.
Mike Feeken
Mike Feeken

Strategic Partnerships Advisor

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State-funded business grants

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is offering $26 million in grants to businesses pursuing child care solutions.

  • Program must show increased licensed capacity.
  • Program must be licensed and open by Dec. 31, 2023.
  • Application available now.
  • New construction and major renovation not eligible.
  • Equipment and wages will be eligible.

Learn more and apply.

What do gaps in child care cost Nebraskans?

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