Nebraska’s Prenatal-to-Age-3 Plan

Nebraska’s Prenatal-to-Age-3 Plan will make equitable, high-quality programs and services more accessible to pregnant women, infants and toddlers throughout the state.

Statewide initiative focused on our youngest children

The first three years—beginning in the prenatal period—are crucial to children’s lifelong development. During this time, the developing brain forms as many as one million new neural connections per second, which makes children’s earliest experiences crucial to their future learning, as well as their mental, behavioral and physical health. However, far too many families in Nebraska lack ready access to essential programs, services and systems that help meet the specific developmental needs of very young children.

In response to this challenge, First Five Nebraska is coordinating a statewide Prenatal-to-Age-3 (PN-3) Plan to advance public policies and strengthen systems to help families better guide the healthy development of their youngest children. This cross-sector effort involves close collaboration with Nebraska’s Preschool Development Grant partners—including state agencies, business and economic development leaders, early childhood professionals and families—to increase equitable access to high-quality early care and learning, health, mental health and social service supports. Nebraska’s PN-3 Plan is part of a national effort funded by the Pritzker Children’s Initiative (PCI), and led in collaboration with the National Coalition for Infants and Toddlers (NCIT) and the Prenatal-to-Three Policy Impact Center.

Increasing access across Nebraska

Working together, we have set ambitious goals for connecting more Nebraska families—especially those of low income—to essential early childhood programs and services:

  • Near-term goal: 25% increase in access (15,000 children by end of 2023)
  • Long-term goal: 50% increase in access (30,050 children—ongoing)

Aligned early childhood systems and supports

Nebraska’s PN-3 Plan involves community and state leaders in coordinating a full suite of aligned, accountable and sustainable early childhood systems and supports. Focus areas include:

  • Ensuring higher levels of access to subsidized and transitional child care assistance
  • Increasing the quality, capacity and availability of quality child care programs
  • Expanding availability of nutritional supports, developmental screenings, prenatal and maternal mental health services
  • Reducing infant and maternal morbidity rates

All goals and strategies for Nebraska’s PN-3 Plan represent a commitment to ensure equitable participation so families, children and providers of diverse race, ethnicity and language can thrive.

Nebraska’s Prenatal-to-Age-3 Plan

Nebraska’s Prenatal-to-Age-3 Policy Goals

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