Lawmakers score win for families, child care providers with passage of LB754

by | May 25, 2023


First Five Nebraska commends the members of the Nebraska Legislature who voted to pass LB754 (originally introduced as LB318), an important bill for working parents, child care providers and communities across the state. When signed into law by Governor Pillen, LB754 will ease financial burdens on families with children in care and support child care employees and programs statewide. We appreciate the leadership of Senator Eliot Bostar (Dist. 29), who introduced the original bill (LB318) and Revenue Committee Chair Senator Lou Ann Linehan (Dist. 39), who was instrumental in naming LB754 a Revenue Committee priority bill.

In addition to the child care tax credit for families, LB754 incentivizes private sector involvement in developing child care infrastructure, especially in communities where it is needed most. The bill also reinstates the refundable and nonrefundable School Readiness Tax Credits, which benefit child care providers, programs and promote the availability of subsidized child care. Passage of LB754 is a significant part of a larger effort to strengthen child care in Nebraska and make our state a more vibrant place to live, work and do business.

Download our policy brief to learn more about LB754.


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