FFN’s Policy Leadership Academy plans to recruit next class in spring 2021

by | Sep 10, 2020

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First Five Nebraska, in partnership with Communities for Kids, launched the Nebraska Early Childhood Policy Leadership Academy (PLA) in 2019 to educate change-minded leaders from all across the state on influencing early childhood policy at all levels of government and within their business communities. To date, two cohorts have completed the PLA program, and we’re incredibly proud to see the positive impact PLA alumni continue to have on Nebraska’s children and their communities. 

In light of the ongoing public health emergency, we’re taking a strategic pause and have postponed recruitment of Class 3. This was necessary to ensure the safety of our staff and community members with the continuing uncertainty around COVID-19. Networking and peer-learning are key components of the PLA, and we want participants to be able to have face-to-face meetings and interactions. After this current health crisis is behind us, we hope to recruit Class 3 in spring 2021.

During this pause, we’re engaging with PLA alumni and working with them to identify areas for deeper dives along with generating resources to help them communicate effectively on behalf of young children. This month we began virtual meetings to update them on current happenings at the state level and learn about success stories and issues in their communities. These meetings are an opportunity to learn from one another, sharing strategies that worked and exploring how they can be adapted to other communities. The goal is to continue building this network of local-level early childhood champions and offer our support and guidance where needed.

When we begin recruiting PLA Class 3, we’ll put the word out via First Five Nebraska’s website and social media, so watch for information on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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