Legislature Adjourns Sine Die; Senators’ Bipartisan Support for Early Childhood Remains Strong

by | Apr 20, 2016

The 104th Nebraska Legislature, Second Session, adjourned sine die today. The session saw camaraderie, conflict and a record number of cloture votes. Amid the turmoil and divisiveness, bipartisan support for early childhood remained strong during the out-budget year.

A total of 391 bills were carried over from last session and 445 new bills were introduced; 214 bills became law. Even with significant hours spent on filibusters, Speaker Galen Hadley was able to ensure that 44 of 49 senator priority bills were debated by the full Legislature. Any bill not passed upon adjournment sine die was indefinitely postponed and must be reintroduced next year to be considered again.

Every year, First Five Nebraska closely monitors new and carryover bills affecting the early learning and development of our state’s youngest children, and tracks their progress as they move through the legislative process. A comprehensive list of these bills is on our website's Nebraska Legislation page. Those of greatest importance to the development of young children are summarized in our printable Legislative Highlights report.

Eleven term-limited senators deserve a great deal of thanks from all Nebraskans. Our deep appreciation goes out to Speaker Hadley and Senators Dave Bloomfield, Kathy Campbell, Colby Coash, Tanya Cook, Mike Gloor, Ken Haar, Beau McCoy, Heath Mello, Ken Schilz and Kate Sullivan. Watch for parting words from many of them in First Five Nebraska guest blogs in the coming months.

As our election year gets into full swing, remember to urge candidates to support strategic, fiscally accountable investments in early learning opportunities that close the achievement gap for young children at risk. We still have much to do, and I hope you will join us through the interim to change public policy by changing the public conversation for Nebraska’s youngest children.

Jen Goettemoeller
Senior Policy Associate

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