Applied Connective Technologies supports child care through in-kind contribution

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Ed Knott, Applied Connective Technologies president

In Nebraska’s historically tight job market, employers are struggling to recruit and retain skilled workers. One solution to helping parents enter or stay in the workforce is through access to high-quality, affordable early childhood care and education programs. When parents know their kids are in a safe, nurturing environment with skilled caregivers, they’re able to stay present and focused at work. That means greater productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and for employers, a positive impact on their bottom line. But a recurring theme in our conversations statewide is that employers aren’t sure where to start when it comes to supporting working parents.

To help employers navigate the complex child care landscape, we’re excited to share a new resource: Investing in Child Care, a series of case studies highlighting how Nebraska employers are strengthening early childhood programs in their communities. The series kicks off with Applied Connective Technologies, an Albion-based technology provider that leveraged its expertise to provide in-kind equipment and service donations for Boone Beginnings, a new state-of-the-art child care facility.

Applied Connective’s founder Ed Knott details how his experience as a parent of three young children, local employer and former school board member inspired him to take an active role in the Boone Beginnings initiative. He also shares insight on how businesses of any size can help strengthen early childhood programs in their own communities.

Look for forthcoming installments in our Investing in Child Care case study series in the months ahead, highlighting different ways employers are addressing the child care needs of working parents through strategic supports for local early childhood programs.

Check out Investing in Child Care: Applied Connective Technologies

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