Read for the Record Day is October 25

Read for the Record is an annual effort to read the same book across the country on the same day in schools, libraries, homes and other places children gather with the goal of highlighting the need for high-quality early learning for all children and the transformative power of books and reading to impact students’ learning and engagement.

This year’s Read for the Record day is October 25 and the book is Maybe Something Beautiful, which is based on a true story and celebrates the magic that can happen when a community comes together to create something beautiful and bring about change. The book is available in English and Spanish, giving Spanish-speaking adults the opportunity to read to children in a language in which they have the greatest fluency, and for their children to develop a love for books and learning.

A special edition of Maybe Something Beautiful was produced for this event that includes additional reading tips and guiding questions to help bring the story to life, engage young readers in discussions about the book, and to boost their understanding and enjoyment of reading. To acquire the book and for more information on the day, including  resources, activities, materials, and event planning, visit  

Posted October 11, 2018 in General
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