Building Literacy with Lullabies: A Message from Two Grandmothers

In honor of Grandparents Day this coming Sunday, we’d like to share an article on building literacy through music and poetry written by two grandmas who impart their insight from working in the early childhood field for 30 years.

Immersing children in language-rich environments from the time they’re born helps them learn to communicate. In particular, nursery rhymes, songs and poetry support early learning because their melody, cadence and simplicity promote phonological awareness, an important step in language development.

In addition to creating a foundation for learning language, lullabies soothe infants and toddlers before bedtime or a nap, and create a warm bond between caregiver and child. The rest and comfort from that bond promotes optimal growth for our youngest children, which builds their confidence and self-esteem.

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Posted September 08, 2016 in General

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