Nebraska Legislature to convene in early January 2022

photo of Nebraska state Capitol building

State Senators will convene Jan. 5, 2022, for the 60-day second session of the 107th Nebraska Legislature.

The session is expected to be busy, with new bill introductions and carryover bills from the first session. Allocation of Nebraska’s $1.4 billion in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding will be a major focus, and a number of factors also may influence the session, including the May 2022 election and 12 term-limited Senators in their final session. Term-limited senators are Robert Hilkeman, (Dist. 4), Brett Lindstrom, (Dist. 18), John McCollister, (Dist. 20), Mark Kolterman, (Dist. 24), Matt Hansen, (Dist. 26), Patty Pansing Brooks, (Dist. 28), Curt Friesen, (Dist. 34), Matt Williams, (Dist. 36), Mike Groene, (Dist. 42), Dan Hughes, (Dist. 44), Adam Morfeld, (Dist. 46) and John Stinner, (Dist. 48).

Senators will have until January 20 to introduce new bills to be considered in addition to the bills carried over from the biennium’s first session. After introduction, each bill is referred to a committee and receives a public hearing. Senators then may vote to advance the bill to General File and debate by the full Legislature.

Again during the upcoming session, FFN will compile a Legislation to Watch list of bills connected with early childhood and provide updates on our website’s Policy and Legislation page as they move through the legislative process. We’ll also detail bills we’re working on with Senators in a special blog post in January.


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