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Please take action today and send a letter to the Senators of the Appropriations Committee asking them to maintain current funding levels for early care and education programs in Nebraska. First Five Nebraska makes it easy for you to share your views with policymakers.

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Benjamin Baumfalk
Policy Research Analyst
First Five Nebraska

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  • High-quality early experiences are known to promote young children’s cognitive and social-emotional development.
  • Cutting our public investment in young children at risk can negatively affect their long-term academic and social outcomes.
  • We might save some dollars by cutting our investment in quality early childhood programs – but Nebraska taxpayers may end up paying far more for special education, grade retention and corrections later.
  • Reducing investments in quality early childhood programs for our youngest, most vulnerable children is not worth the risk.
  • High-quality early childhood programs promote stronger developmental outcomes for young children at risk.
  • Nebraska’s investment in early childhood is very important to families who have relatively few local options for high-quality early childhood programming.
  • Reductions in our state’s investment in high-quality early childhood programs would be felt disproportionally by families in rural Nebraska.
  • Maintaining Nebraska’s commitment to high-quality early care and learning opportunities helps keep communities statewide strong and growing.
  • Nebraska needs well-educated, highly skilled citizens to grow economically and socially.
  • High-quality early childhood experiences shape the skills and capabilities that enable children to keep pace in kindergarten and beyond.
  • Reducing our investment in high-quality early childhood programming could widen the achievement gap already facing too many of our youngest Nebraskans.
  • The more children who fall behind in the early years and stay behind as adults, the harder it will be for our state to thrive in the decades ahead.
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  • Bolz, Kate
  • Clements, Robert
  • Hilkemann, Robert
  • Kuehn, John
  • McDonnell, Mike
  • Stinner, John P.
  • Vargas, Tony
  • Watermeier, Dan
  • Wishart, Anna
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