Why You Should Read that Book to a Child One More Time

A recent study found that reading the same book over and over to a child is important, even when the child knows what happens in the story and how it ends. Published in Frontiers in Psychology, the study showed that children who were read the same book several times recognized and remembered a new word better than children who were read several different books containing the same vocabulary. They also learned and understood the meaning of words more easily. Researchers say there’s even more value in asking children to talk about what happens in the story because it gives them the opportunity to repeat new words.

So take heart when asked to read “Goodnight Moon” for the 101st time – you’re helping the child become more proficient in language and vocabulary, and likely a better reader in the years ahead.

Read more about this study from Michigan State Extension

Read the article, “Get the Story Straight: Contextual Repetition Promote World Learning from Storybooks,” in Frontiers in Psychology.      

Posted April 12, 2018 in Research
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