Grandparents Day is Sunday

What comes to mind when you think back about time spent with your grandparents? That question was posed to adults in this short video and, maybe not surprisingly, it was the small, warm day-to-day interactions they remember most. 

Sunday is Grandparents Day—a national day to honor grandparents and the contributions they make to our families and communities. Close relationships with grandparents give children confidence and a sense of well-being that comes from knowing they have someone in their corner offering unconditional encouragement, love and support. Intergenerational relationships also can teach children about family history, values and traditions and the sense that they belong to something larger than themselves.   

Everybody involved benefits when parents foster close relationships between their parents and children. Take a couple of minutes to watch the video, and then remember to #DoSomethingGrand on Sunday.



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Posted September 10, 2015 in General

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