Governor signs proclamation focused on community economic growth

Governor Ricketts signed a proclamation declaring this Community Development Week to celebrate Nebraskans who are working every day to build their communities and grow this beautiful state. 

“Community Development Week is an opportunity to celebrate the hard work by people across our state to create a great quality of life in their communities and grow Nebraska,” said Governor Ricketts. “It’s also a week when we acknowledge the federal, state and local resources, as well as the partnerships and local support, that make community and economic development achievements possible.”

At First Five Nebraska, we strongly believe that a quality early childhood infrastructure is a necessary pillar for economic development and community growth, alongside affordable housing, transportation, internet connectivity and other needs that help communities thrive. We know positive early learning environments lay the foundation for marketable skills that prepare young people to adapt to the demands of emerging businesses and industries. We also know strong child care options are a powerful attractor and anchor for the new and returning talent our state so desperately needs. 

As part of Community Development Week, we’d like to highlight several communities that are incorporating early childhood into their own strategies for economic growth. Gothenburg, Columbus, Wood River, Albion and Pender have all developed public/private partnerships to build or enhance existing early childhood infrastructure. These and other communities are finding innovative ways to address the needs of employers and working parents.

First Five Nebraska applauds Governor Ricketts’s decision to proclaim this Community Development Week. As our state continues to grow, First Five Nebraska will continue to work with communities to help them address their early childhood needs. 

Elizabeth Lopez Everett
Policy Associate
First Five Nebraska

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