Online Tool Helps Early Childhood Workers Organize, Access Professional Records

The Nebraska Department of Education has developed an online record system to support early childhood workers by housing their professional records in one place that follows them throughout their career, even as they change employers.

NDE's Office of Early Childhood created the Nebraska Early Childhood Professional Record System (NECPRS) to support the professional development of early childhood professionals and the quality improvement of early childhood programs within the state of Nebraska. It was launched July 1, 2014, to house the application process for eligible early childhood programs wanting to participate in Step Up to Quality. Since its initial launch, many new features have been rolled out.

NECPRS houses the Early Childhood Training Calendar, the online calendar where trainers post NDE-approved trainings happening across the state. Early childhood professionals can search the calendar to find the trainings they need.

Anyone working in early childhood may create a NECPRS account. In March of this year the documentation, access and convenience phase of development was launched, allowing NECPRS account holders to utilize the following features:

●  NDE Training Connections
Trainings that have been completed through NDE will automatically be tied to user accounts.

Users will have access to a unique ID number. This ID number can be used to register for trainings, and will allow for quick and easy connection of these trainings to user accounts.

●  Professional Development Dashboard 
This is a handy portal to all things professional development. Users can quickly and easily update their employment, education, credentials and training history. This portal allows users to reprint certificates of all connected trainings. Users also can configure and print their own professional resume or employee record from this portal.

●  Online Registration
NECPRS users now have access to online registration for all NDE trainings; credit card payment is available for these trainings.

These benefits will follow users throughout their early childhood career, even as they change employers. Having a NECPRS account will always provide them with documentation, access and convenience to their own professional development information.

Our hope is that the Nebraska Early Childhood Professional Record System will meet the needs of its users, whether they are participating in Step Up to Quality, accessing trainings needed to meet licensing regulations or simply wanting to track their professional development. New features will continue to be introduced to help early childhood professionals across the state stay connected with their professional development.

Tammi Hicken
Early Childhood Data Manager
Nebraska Department of Education

Ann Adams
Program Coordinator, Step Up to Quality
Nebraska Department of Education

Posted June 08, 2017 in General
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