Applications are open for the new Nebraska Small Business Stabilization grants

Applications are being accepted until June 26 for the new Nebraska Small Business Stabilization Grant program. Nebraska-owned businesses, including child care centers, with 5 to 49 employees that have closed or sustained a loss of revenue or employment since March 13 are eligible to apply. The requirement regarding number of employees includes total headcount, not just FTE. So part-time employees may be counted; the amount of each grant is $12,000. Non-profit organizations are not eligible for these grants. 

The grants are available from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development and are part of the federal CARES Act funding passed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to apply
The grant-seeking business should submit a completed Eligibility Certification Form to the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) by June 26. The Eligibility Certification Form will be used to verify that the business is a Nebraska taxpayer with employees in the state. If the business is validated, it will receive an invitation to submit a full application, which also must be submitted by June 26.

To complete the  Eligibility Certification Form, you will need the following information: Business Name, Email Address, State Tax ID and Withholding FEIN (Federal Employment Identification Number).

Other information needed to apply: Child care businesses should select the "62 - Health Care and Social Assistance" code in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) drop-down box. 

Watch a video of the application guide process

FAQ on the Small Business Stabilization grants

See more information about the stabilitzation grants on DED's website 

Karber, Heather
June 17, 2020

What would a in home daycare use for the State Tax ID?

Hi Heather,

If you’ve registered your business with the Dept. of Revenue, they would have assigned you a tax I.D. Businesses that are not registered aren’t eligible to apply for these grants.

Kelly Cooper
June 19, 2020

Do the child care business have to pay back this grant?

Hi Kelly,

These are strictly grants, with no repayment needed.

Becky Mostek
June 24, 2020

I’ve had a licensed home daycare with the state for 35yrs & don’t require an employee. Do I still qualify for this grant?  I belong to our local chamber of commerce, could really use this!! Becky Mostek

Hi Becky,
These grants are for small businesses with at least 5 employees, so you don’t quality for them. However, NDHHS is planning to offer grants to child care providers that you will be eligible for. When we have more information, we’ll get the word out, so stay tuned.

Mary Hecht
June 24, 2020

we are a non-profit daycare and are tax exempt. can we still qualify?

Hi Mary,

Non-profits are not eligible for these grants, but will be eligible for child care grants forthcoming from NDHHS. More information on those grants is expected in early July.  .

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